Gone To Carolina

(This was posted super late so pretend you’re reading it in May)

So I’ve finished my freshman year here at the the beautiful University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I love this school. I love my roommate. I love my friends. And I love being at college.

But as exciting as college is, there are always Sour Patch Kid moments. Here’s a list of some things I’ve learned in the last few months.

  1. No matter what I do in life, if it’s exciting, I’ll get my period.
  2. Walking up hill sucks.
  3. Surprisingly, walking down hill can suck too.
  4. I miss being able to cook whenever I want.
  5. However, the dining halls are pretty great (shoutout to CDS)
  6. For someone who always likes to be cold when they sleep, having your bed under the air vent is a blessing and a curse. #icicle
  7. Coming to college and knowing a few faces is great, but discovering new faces is just as important.
  8. I miss my cat.
  9. Some people CAN’T. LET. HIGH. SCHOOL. GO.
  10. Karma eventually works out.
  11. I’m just as thirsty as I thought, and college boys aren’t helping.
  12. FOMO is still a daily anxiety, but staying calm and going with the flow is essential.
  13. Do. You.

When we first got to campus we were welcomed with events and workshops to help with the transition to college. We were bombarded with flyers and propaganda about joining clubs on campus and getting involved. I was honestly a little lost in the beginning. Not because I couldn’t find anything I wanted to get involved with, but because I found TOO MANY things. I felt I had too many passions to pick just a few clubs to be a part of. So I kind of didn’t get very involved at first. (One of the first regrets I have of college.) But after taking the time to relax and get the feel of all the goings on of campus, I started to find some things I could get into.

I joined a sorority and found friends and family through the Carolina For The Kids Foundation. While these are pretty much the only two things I am involved in, they’re two things that I can put my whole heart into.

To make the post short and sweet I won’t go into all the gritty details of my first year at UNC, but just know that I could not imagine being anywhere else.

While I’m happy to have a break and enjoy summer, I know I’ll just be counting down the days until I arrive back in Blue Heaven.

– m

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