Luck of the Irish: SB 2K17

While I was doing my 2017 reflection, I realized I never made a post about my trip to the motherland!!!

Basically, on a whim I asked my dad for a trip to Ireland for Spring Break. And by much surprise to me, it happened! On March 10, 2017 we began our journey to the beautiful country of Ireland!

I had been waiting for this trip for a while. I love love love traveling and adventure and seeing new places and faces. My love for travel started when I lived in Abu Dhabi and was able to visit Jordan and India and began to learn the importance of experiencing new cultures. Ireland and the UK didn’t have as much of a culture shock as some of the other countries I had previously been to, but it was an experience I’ll never forget.

It was one of my favorite trips and it was absolutely beautiful! We stayed in a hotel right outside of Dublin and explored the city and the outlying areas. We drank whiskey and Guinness and took bus tours and went to cathedrals and parks and pubs. We also took a quick 10-hour trip to Edinburgh (also an AMAZING city) and truly had the time of our lives, my dad even proposed to his wonderful girlfriend on the grounds of Edinburgh Castle.

We rented a car and drove around the Irish countryside and to different towns and counties. I listened to Ed Sheeran pretty much the entire time and when we went to Galway, I felt like I was having an out of body experience. There was life and happiness on the streets, even in the freezing rain! Between the street buskers and families and pubs, everyone was getting ready for the biggest day for the Irish. And by the way, St. Patty’s day in Ireland is no joke and I am so grateful I was able to experience it!

We spent our last day in a seaside town outside of Dublin. Howth was a pretty small little place with some shops and restaurants, but it was the best place to end our Irish adventure. We ate fish and chips and drank hot whiskey and walked around and celebrated with some Irish families on one of the best days of the year.

Leaving the country was so bittersweet, as any ending to a holiday is. But I knew I would be back. Maybe not to Dublin itself, but to the rest of Ireland and the UK for sure. And now I’m applying to study abroad in England, so who knows….I may be back sooner than I thought.

I could write a small book about everything we did and how much fun I had, but sometimes fun memories are okay to be kept personal and to remember in our own little brains forever. In short, I can’t wait for my next adventure, international or domestic, and to continue my trip around the world.

– m

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