#Inspire: A New Resolution

“Aspire to Inspire before you Expire” – Eugene Bell Jr.

Previously in my life, my mantra has always been “she believed she could, so she did.” While that is still extremely relevant, I wanted to mix things up a bit. Instead of making a list of resolutions for the new year, I’ve decided to focus on a few words and phrases to guide me through 2018.

The first (and only) word on the vision board for 2018 is #INSPIRE. 

I don’t really have a plan for the word, other than to implement inspiration and creativity into my life. (If you didn’t see, I talked about doing this in my post about the new year). The mission is to write and create, even if just for myself.

The only thing right now that I can tag as #inspired, is the wall in our suite that we have so lovingly named “The Nasty Woman Wall”. We’ve decorated it with quotes and photos from the women we most admire. It serves as an inspiration for us and really for a way to know that we have billions of strong females that have our backs. Really #inspiring, huh?

Other than a wall and some pictures, I am CONSTANTLY #inspired by my beautiful and wonderful friends. Whether we’re talking about politics or the “daddy-of-the-day”, our meaningful conversations motivate me and allow me to feel safe and loved. (Something everyone deserves).

I guess I lied when I said I only had a few things that had me #inspired, because my mom #inspires me every fucking day. Recently she gave me a bracelet that says “embrace ambition”. Yeah she’s the fucking best. EMPOWERED WOMEN EMPOWER WOMEN!!

So yeah, #inspire someone soon. It feels amazing to know you’re making a difference in someone’s life.

As always, here’s a friendly playlist of songs that I was recently #inspired by. It’s my January 2018 playlist and each song was picked because of how it made me feel, or because it reminded me of an experience I had during the month. Making monthly playlists has also #inspired me for the past year, so there’s another things to add to the list.

– m


The Nasty Woman Wall.

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