Betty Who?

In 2013 I found a free EP by a girl named Betty Who.

When I was having my 15 year old crisis, and felt like I was nothing, she told me I was beautiful and reminded me that no matter what, “Somebody Loves You.”

Five whole years later, and I FINALLY got to see this inspirational woman sing and dance and give the best concert I’ve ever seen. A true queen and a true role model. I want to thank her for making me feel special and for giving me the BEST music to scream at the top of my lungs.

The whole show was electrifying and everything I could have ever wanted. The space at the Lincoln Theatre was honestly so inclusive. That could have been due to the high numbers of gay men, but I felt so comfortable and I really didn’t care if I looked dumb while I danced.

The vibe of her openers (Amy Guess and Pretty Sister) set us all in the mood for our QUEEN. And when that woman came on stage, I couldn’t help but scream and cry hysterically. I cherished the next hour with every drum kick and every bass drop.

Her performance was full of high energy dancing and an insane vocal range. Honestly with all the dancing and singing from the audience, it was more like she was having a house party and decided to invite us. We were all there as friends to have fun for a night and party.

I will be forever grateful for my friend, Rachel, for getting me tickets, and to my other friend, Maya, for letting me drag her to a concert in Downtown Raleigh at 10pm on a Tuesday night.

If you want to vibe with me and my obsession, check out Betty Who and jam to a couple of my favorites (and ones that she played at the show!) ‘Wanna Be’, ‘Heartbreak Dream’, ‘Mama Say’, and ‘Somebody Loves You’ are the biggest jams.

Betty Who. I love you. I love you. I love you.


– m.

IMG_7414IMG_7407 2IMG_7409

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