Viva Las Vegas

The title of this post isn’t super original, but it gets the point across because I went to Vegas and y’all, it was a AMAZING!

I was able to travel out into the desert for an internship with rAVe [Publications] to cover InfoComm 2018! It’s a HUGE conference for the Professional AV industry and it’s basically nerd/tech heaven.

I was there as a staff photographer, which LOL because I have never taken professional pictures in my life! But I think I did a pretty great job. I got some cool shots and worked with some really wonderful people.

On show days we were in the convention center pretty much sun-up to sun-down, but we did manage to get some time to explore Sin City. Because I’m still not 21 (only 166 more days) I didn’t get to participate in many of the ~typical~ Vegas activities, but we made it work.

I know you’re dying to see my amateur travel list, so here you go. I give the people what they want.

  1. Caesar’s Palace (so many Hangover references in so little time)
  2. Las Vegas Blvd
  3. Lights at the Bellagio
  4. The canals at the Venetian
  5. FOOD
  6. Literally any time spent at a pool in Las Vegas
  7. Walking through casinos and seeing triumph and sadness simultaneously

Number eight was huge for me. The view from our room was gorgeous and there is nothing like waking up to a sunrise in the desert. I didn’t realize I had a hole in my heart for it until I went to Vegas and longed for 100 degree heat in the Arabian Desert.

But the coolest thing about Las Vegas was how authentic it was. It was gaudy and cheesy and bright with neon, but it was that way very unapologetically. The tackiness of it allowed you to give in to the novelty and get lost in the smoke filled casinos and hotels. It’s one of those places that is extremely busy but also full of intimacy. Everyone has their own story and reason for being in Vegas, but it’s the veil of mystery that you place on yourself, and everyone around you, that makes everything so exciting.

Even the airport on a Sunday morning is home to human enigmas inhaling coffee and popping aspirin at the airport bar. No one knows why anyone else made Vegas their destination for the week or the weekend, and no one cares. You had your time and they had theirs. You both have the set of pictures you’ll show when you get back, and the ones you’ll burry deep in the hard drive of your laptop.

There’s more to “What Happens in Vegas, Stays In Vegas.” It’s more like “What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Matter” because you’ll be back. When your headache subsides and you’re able to smell alcohol without a gag reflex, you’ll be planning your next trip. It’s a tantalizing city that has you in it’s grasp forever.

I’ll leave some glorious pictures from my trip below, and a trip anywhere wouldn’t be complete without a playlist. Enjoy some tunes that are about Vegas, some songs that remind me about Vegas, and some other stuff that helped me get through the longest June I’ve ever experienced.

Have fun, will travel my friends.

– m


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