Getting Connected.

Now more than ever.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am TERRIBLE at keeping up with people. I rarely call family and I can let weeks go by before I reach out to friends after saying the classic line, “We should definitely hang out more!”

But with everything going on in the world the increase in my screen time is linked more to connecting with people than with scrolling Twitter endlessly. Even though Twitter is still a LARGE chunk of it.

I’ve been in quarantine for 22 days and I have talked to more of my friends and family now than I ever have. I had dinner via Google Hangout with a friend, I’ve had weekly Happy Hours with my dad on FaceTime, and I’ve had endless Zoom calls with friends from class.

I definitely feel connected with people now more than ever. I think it comes from my need to interact with people as an extrovert, but it also comes from my sense of responsibility to make sure that my people are being looked in on.

Besides trying to text and FaceTime with all of my favorite people, I’ve also tried to think of fun things you can do via video chat. A special shoutout to my friend Matt who hosted his own in-home “pub crawl” through every room in his house, his creativity definitely inspired me.

Here are a few things I thought of and yes, a few of them involve alcohol but that’s to be expected when your Senior year has turned into an episode of the Twilight Zone:

  1. Pick a costume theme for your next virtual meeting. I, of course, have an entire box of costumes from my time in CFTK, but any fun thing you have will work!
  2. Find a drinking game online for a show you love and set-up a Netflix watch party. (New Girl, Parks & Rec, and Gilmore Girls have a few good ones on Pinterest.)
  3. Learn TikTok dances via Zoom with everyone you know.
  4. Have a Happy Hour with friends once a week!
  5. Make everyone pick a random topic and present it via screen share on Zoom!
  6. Teach a cooking class or a cocktail class to your friends on FaceTime.
  7. Play charades or trivia when things are getting tough.

Since we’ve been distanced it’s been easy for everyone to get lost in fear of how different things are. All we can do now is make the most of those differences and keep moving along. We can all still have fun and keep our spirits up and we should make sure that we continue connecting from a distance.

And a playlist for these games you might ask? Why of course! Here is my April playlist since March is FINALLY over. I hope you enjoy

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