Putting Your Best Face Forward

Even if you’ve had the day from hell, wash your face.

This is my doctrine, my life, my gospel. I’m someone who has always dealt with facial imperfections whether it be pimples, zits, bumps, etc. Besides these annoying spots, I’ve also dealt with terrible under-eye bags and chronically oily skin. I’ve seen it all.

And I’m sure every single one of you can relate. You’ve tried everything under the sun to “fix your skin.” You’ve exfoliated, moisturized, toned, masked, and pore striped every inch of your face to find normalcy.

After spending all of high-school trying to fix (and hide) my face, I figured it was up to my adult self to find the real solution. I’ve tried to limit the number of products I’m using and after years of trying to find the best combination, this is what I’ve found that really works!

So here are the things I SWEAR by for my Combination/Oily skin and my tips to help you score those high-end skincare results without selling your soul!

Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay

My housemates and I will all sit down and do this mask together at least twice a week (usually during The Bachelor.) Each of us range in skin types from oily to dry to combination, and this works wonders for all of us. For the best results, you should mix the powder with apple cider vinegar! It might smell a little funky on your face, but it helps the mask get a really smooth consistency and will tighten on your face to give you that tingly “it’s working” feeling. Just give your face a gentle cleanse before you apply. Definitely invest in a silicone face mask “brush” for easy application!

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Aztec Healing Clay

*TIP: I like to wash my face and put the mask on ~20 minutes before I get in the shower because it can be a little messy when you take it off.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub

This is one of those products that makes you feel really clean and fresh, and it is SO gentle on your skin! I first tried this on a whim because I needed something travel-sized for a trip I was taking, and this was the best option I found in the Target Travel Section. I will never go back!

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Aveeno Positively Radiant

*TIP: This is another thing I like to use in the shower after my ginormous pores have opened up, but it’s perfect for your morning wash!

Cetaphil Pro Oil Absorbing Moisturizer

I was introduced to this by my good friend, Jacqueline, about three years ago. I have not used another moisturizer since. Yeah, it’s that good. I usually end up on the oily side of the skin spectrum and this has truly helped control how gross my face feels. It’s also SPF 30 so it’s good to use all year long. It’s the perfect consistency, not too think and not too light.

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Cetaphil Pro Derma Control

*TIP: I love putting this on in the morning and then working it in with my ice-cold jade roller — I found mine in TJ Maxx for like $3.

Clean and Clear Spot Treatment

No matter how hard we try, how many products we use, or how much water we consume, those pesky spots still appear. I used to be a big Clean and Clear gal in middle-school/high-school (they had the best ads in J-14 and Seventeen) but stopped using most of their products because they were harsh on my skin. However, this spot treatment has stayed in my toiletry bag for almost seven years and I will never take her out!

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Clean & Clear Advantage

*TIP: I try to use this as a precautionary product before things get too bad, so I suggest putting it on the night before when you notice a spot creeping in.

Korean Sheet Masks

If you’re into skincare and you don’t have a stash of sheet masks, are you really into skincare? I recently bought 25 of them on Amazon…but I’m crazy. My best pal, Ally, gifted us a few masks for Christmas and they were SO nice I had to get more. They range in ingredients and do everything from hydrating and brightening to cleansing and moisturizing.

2019-12-13 19_29_27.932
DERMA Full Face Facial Mask Sheet — Shout out to Ally for the best Christmas gifts: sheet masks and a meat thermometer!

*TIP: Another use for the jade roller and RELAXATION — take 15 minutes and meditate or read while you have it on. Slow down and breathe.

How to Score the Goods

I use all of the products above either daily or multiple times a week depending on what I think my skin needs. But I like to dabble in luxury just like anyone…I just hate spending money. So I scam. (okay not really…)

I really just utilize every type of sample you could possibly find from Sephora or Ulta. I either a) buy sample packs instead of full-sized products, b) ask for samples of the expensive stuff when I go to the stores, c) cash out my birthday/rewards points for samples, or d) all of the above!

My recent buys/finds:

I love the LANEIGE Hydration-To-Go! for a travel set, the facial spray from Mario Badescu, and any travel/sample size of Drunk Elephant!

All of the products I use are either already 2oz or can easily be transferred to a TSA approved travel container. As you can tell from past blog posts, traveling is a huge part of my life and my hobbies. So I make sure everything I use can fit into a clear bag, won’t break my bank, and is good for my skin.

I hope my amateur beauty reviews help anyone struggling with their skin-journey! Also, it’s really important to give yourself Me Time™ so here is one of my relaxation playlists to listen to the next time you do a mask or just need to chill!

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