No Grain. No Pain: Part 2

How long does it take for two girls on a Zoom call to make the easiest bread on the internet? 

Too long. We’re talking 30+ hours of panic and One Direction conversations.

But rather than give you a play-by-play of everything that happened, we made a little video to showcase our award-winning baking talents.

HUGE shout to Claire for editing our journey together and for being the absolute best throughout the bread-making process.

Right now we’re riding on a bit of momentum and we’re now trying to find more recipes to explore. Essentially, we’re jobless and are looking to the internet for fame. If you have any recipe recommendations, or other culinary avenues you would like us to explore, please leave a comment and guide us.

Of course, my bread-making playlist is still totally valid for this post, but I did see that someone created a playlist just for Claire Saffitz of the BA Test Kitchen and I had to give them some recognition.

Thank you for being interested in this journey.

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