Hello…It’s me…

IMG_3692.JPGIt’s 12:21 pm on August 2nd. I am 18 days away from moving into my DREAM school and I’m sitting in the best place possible. Surrounded by good people, great music, and coffee.

It’s unbelievably cliche to say that I’m turning over new leaves when I start college, but I’m honestly so ready for change. I thought maybe starting a blog for my thoughts and adventures could act as therapy for me. I guess I can only hope. Even if this piece of the internet is never read, I can use it to document my life, for however long I decide to keep this up.

I have no idea what this will contain. I’m sure it will be a range of my obsessions, from “The Office” to my Spotify playlists, to boys and my love for food. As well as frustrations with my classes, friends and my constant battle with exercise.

If you’re reading this mess, thank you in advance.

– m



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