Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself…

My name is Miranda, OH, M to-the I to-the……you get it. 

When our professor told us we would be updating a blog every week for our personal branding class, I was initially excited. I would finally have something to go on this lousy website I created when I was 18. But then I started thinking about what I’d have to write, the stories I’d have to tell, and the personal journeys I’d have to recount. Suddenly putting my life and my thoughts on the internet felt weird, even though I’ve been tweeting since I was 11. (shh don’t tell Twitter)

But since turning the ripe old age of 22, I’ve learned that you’ve got to take chances and you have to put yourself out there. If that means I have to write a 500-word post about my love for Korean face masks, so be it. If it turns out I have a need to comment on the coolest ad campaigns of the decade as an amateur, I’ll do it.

The title of this post is about a reintroduction because I’m not the person I was a year ago, and I’m FOR SURE not the person I was when I graduated high-school and started this thing. My first post was written just weeks before I moved into my freshman year dorm, and now this post is being written just 103 days before I graduate.

I want a personal blog like this to live past my college years, but I know it will ultimately be a time capsule of the memories I’ve made and the people I’ve met. Because it’s been a hot minute since that first post was made in August of 2016, I wanted to do a “That’s What You Missed On Glee” style recap of the last four years of my life. (Funnily enough, I did in fact update this blog a few times over the years so feel free to read about a few of things I actually documented!)

  1. Started college and almost failed two classes my first year (Humbled me real quick)
  2. Met my best friends (LADS!)
  3. Joined the best organization and danced for 24 hours! (I’ve done it twice since!)
  4. Voted for a woman in my first ever presidential election.
  5. Found out what “keep moving forward” can really mean.
  6. Saw a DAGGUM NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP and rushed Franklin three times my first year.
  7. Went to Ireland and Scotland.
  8. Experienced the Sophomore Slump.
  9. Found out how bad mental health can get.
  10. Found out how resilient we can be. (Shout out to my mom)
  11. The Last Jedi.
  12. Went to San Francisco and found out what walking 20,000 steps in one day feels like.
  13. Watched my dad marry the most amazing person.
  14. Went to Vegas! (So many Hangover references)
  15. Moved into my first apartment.
  16. Turned 21! (MargaritaVEAL)
  17. Watched my mom cross the finish line of her first half-marathon.
  18. Went to China (stay tuned for a post about it)
  19. Drank around the world in EPCOT.
  20. Saw Betty Who and the Jonas Brothers in the same summer.
  21. Started my Senior Year.
  22. Tailgated a lot.
  23. Turned 22.
  24. Rise of Skywalker.
  25. Welcomed a new decade and my final semester of college.

Well, that’s a nice list of 25 things you’ve missed in the last four years. Of course, there is so much that has happened to me and I love to reminisce, but I can’t wait to see where the next four years take me and how this blog will capture it.

Every blog I’ve ever posted has been accompanied by a playlist, and this reintroduction deserves one too. Because I honestly cannot choose just one to capture all that I’ve been through the last few years, I’m linking my entire Spotify archive. You’ll find my monthly playlists, playlists that were made for certain events, and ones that were made for very specific moods. Enjoy the music and enjoy the journey I’ll take you on for the rest of the semester!

2019-12-13 21:35:56.203

Also, I love bathroom mirror pictures, peace signs, and the HUJI app.

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