Rainy Daze

Here’s a piece I had to write for my News Writing class last week:

Social Observation – 1/29/18

A sea of blue and white umbrellas flooded the brick pathways as the Bell Tower signaled the start of the next hour. The air was wet and cold with January precipitation. After the students scurried for cover, the Pit was cold and quiet.

After a look in Lenoir, and a glance in the Davis windows, only one place seemed to attract the crowds. As the doors to the Union opened the scent of Alpine Bagels filled the air. The TV was playing an old episode of Judge Judy and no one seemed to be paying attention.

Between the sound of keyboards clicking, and low murmurs of voices, various conversations could be heard. “I didn’t do anything this weekend, how am I so behind?” a girl exclaimed with her hands tangled in her hair. Her friend was patting her back and trying to console her.

Across the room, a kid whose backpack was larger than him, paced as he talked into his phone. “Mom, my nose is running, and I have a cough. Can you make me an appointment?”

By the water fountain: “I almost died going back to HoJo on the P2P last night! That bus was wild!” Two first-years high fived and continued down to the basement.

The Bell Tower rang again, and those conversations came to a close. Students gathered their jackets and prepared themselves for another venture outside. New groups of people filled their places and began their own rainy-day practices. The blue and white umbrellas were deployed, and the silence in the Pit was broken.

I thought this was pretty good. If you’re into auditory aesthetics like I am, here’s my Rainy Day playlist while you read.

– m


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