Going it alone.

For Spring Break this year, I did’t opt for a resort in Florida with a bunch of people. Instead I booked a flight to California (SanFran baby) to visit my best friend, and to do something most people wouldn’t: spend hours exploring a new city, completely on my own.

My friend is doing an entrepreneurship internship in Silicon Valley this semester, and I knew it was my chance to explore the Bay Area (on a budget). He and his cohort let me stay for free and I spent the week relaxing and exploring.

The weirdest part about booking my trip was the questions I kept getting about it: Who are you going with? What do you have planned when you get there? Are you really traveling alone?

For the last one: um…yeah…

I never thought twice about going on this trip alone. Sure, having a few friends with me would be nice, but it’s not hard to go it alone. Honestly, it’s one of the most rewarding and self-satisfying experiences.

Have you ever walked through the bustling streets of a new place, and felt the excitement and anonymity of being on your own? It’s one of the things I love about myself (because yes, you can admit when you’re good at things and give yourself compliments. It’s 2018 folks.)

I’ve always been confident about my abilities and my independence, and it’s a trait I value. I purchased a flight with my own hard-earned-cash, I finessed a free place to stay, I booked a couple fun things to do, but ultimately I decided on the Plastic Bag vacation. (A new term I’ve made up about going with the flow and not scheduling every second of your time.)

I utilized public transportation, called an Uber here and there, and decided to see what San Francisco was like through my own eyes. Of course I looked at a couple travel blogs, and took notes on some popular sites, but I wanted to wander and have my own experience. And wander I did, 10+ miles a day to be exact.

Except for the fact that it was raining for most of my trip, I feel like I was pretty successful! I tried to find local places to eat and drink (no chains please) and found that just meandering through the streets was the way to go. I was conscious about safety, because while I feel confident to travel alone, I do recognize that I’m a woman and can be categorized as easy prey.

Ultimately, I think it’s important to take yourself out to do things. It doesn’t have to be a whole-ass vacation, it can just be dinner and a movie. I’ve done this a couple of times and it’s nice to be alone for an hour or two, especially when your constantly around co-workers and classmates. It is a personal choice, so I understand that some people don’t like to be alone. My philosophy revolves around doing as many things as possible while I’m alive, and if I have to do it Han Solo, so be it.

Since I am not a professional travel blogger, I did’t want to front and act like my travel experiences really mean anything. But inevitably, here is a list of some things I did that were fun and exciting.

#MirandaInTheBay – Spring Break 2K18

  1. FOOD
  2. The Castro
  3. Alamo Park
  4. Cate Café – KitTea
  5. Pier 39
  6. Chinatown
  7. Palo Alto
  8. Ferry Building – Embarcadero

So I actually did not get to see the Golden Gate Bridge while I was in San Francisco (I know it’s a tragedy) but it’s all the more reason for me to make a trip back out the West coast. And I didn’t get to see Alcatraz either so I will DEFINITELY be returning.

This city is beautiful with every twist and turn and hill, and it has risen to be one of my faves. I’m featuring my amateur photography skills because they turned out pretty decent and I want to put them all over the internet. #noshame

Also, I didn’t make a SanFran playlist, but I did track my moods with my March playlist. Feel free to listen and journey with me through the The Golden City.



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